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«Bellezza e Lusso» –
a brand new take on
the wedding beauty industry

Today Bellezza e Lusso brand is becoming more and more popular.
The name of the wedding dresses Trademark comes from the origins
of the fashion industry in Italy.
Sophisticated women dresses by Italian fashion designers catch the eye of the gentle half of humanity all over the world. Giovanni Lusso’s descendants continued the work of their ancestor. They had not stopped creating wedding and evening dresses following their family tailoring traditions. Over time, their enterprise had started to prosper and their small factory in Italy could not satisfy the growing demand for the dresses from the Giovanni Lusso’s family.
It was the spring of 2014, when the Italians passed the rights for the Bellezza e Lusso Trademark to the Ukrainian manufacturer, who received a possibility to tailor wedding and evening dresses using Italian technologies of the Giovanni Lusso’s fashion House. Since then the manufacture of dresses had begun, following Italian tailoring and decoration traditions, and taking into account world’s fashion trends.

Dresses by the Bellezza e Lusso Trademark are
being sold in Italy at the Giovanni Lusso family store

Moreover, the Lusso’s market share is growing in the countries of the former USSR and Ukraine
Wedding and evening dresses by Bellezza e Lusso are a result of the artistic work of highly professional designers, who are engaged in the process of dress making from the beginning until the end. The company’s designers manage to create exclusive dresses, which will leave any beauty breathless. Tailoring of a dress and its fitting takes place at the company’s showroom, which makes the process of a dress selection even easier, as the whole company engages in the direct contact with the client.
Among the special features of the Bellezza e Lusso collection is the combination of classic and out of the ordinary dress designs. It seems that this combination becomes possible due to the implementation of interesting designer choices, usage of various combinations of fabrics and following the European wedding fashion traditions.
Another reason to choose Bellezza e Lusso is personal approach to every client. Our brides is provided with the best service, wide selection of dresses and perfect fit. A custom tailored dress from the manufacturer with the world-known name, what else could you wish to be wearing on one of the most important days of your life?
of the wedding industry professionals Therefore, You can discuss anything regarding
the world of wedding fashion with us!